anxiety is…

Anxiety is floating in the middle of a lake. You know that if you move, you’ll either drown or survive, but you’re not willing to take the chance.

Every one in a while, you find the courage to paddle to shore, or a breeze pushes you there, but you never feel as safe as you do in the middle.

Your turtle floaty is your lifeline. You hold it close and talk to it like it’s a real person, because other than yourself, there is no one else you can talk to. You find yourself doing primal things to pass the time.

You whine about how lonely you are, but you’re only lonely because you don’t want to paddle to shore out of your own free will. So you just lay there on your turtle floaty, which is chained to the ground.

Maybe one day, you’ll find the nerve to learn how to swim and make it to shore, but until then, you hide safely in the middle of the lake and live with the consequences.

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